Service Schedule

Sunday Worship -

     9:30 a.m.
      Followed by fellowship and snacks.

Adult & Children's Sunday School -

     11:00 a.m.

Where we're located


23628 Red Feather Lakes Road
Red Feather Lakes, CO 80545

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Office Hours

Pastor Doug Burdette
In the office Mon., Wed., Thurs., Fri.
(Thursday is Pastor's study day,
available by appointment only.)

Day Off: Tuesday

Lynette Hoffman, Secretary
In the office Mon., Wed., & Friday mornings

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Article VI of the Constitution of Morning Star Community Church
Section I - Eligibility:  All persons desiring to become a member of this church must give evidence of their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, have been baptized (or be willing to be baptized), and shall be in agreement with the Statement of Faith under Aricle IV, and with the constitution and by-laws.
Section II - Active Membership:  All those who agree with the statement of faith for Morning Star Community Church, whose names appeared on the charter membership roll of the church at the time the church was first organized, together with those names which shall be added from time to time, shall constitute the legal voting membership of the church, provided they are sixteen years of age or older, and that they regularly attend church and take part in the services, and that they are living consistent Christian lives.
Section III - Associate Membership:  Those who are good standing members of other churches of like faith, who desire to retain their membership in that church, and would also desire to become a member of Morning Star Community Church, may become Associate Members of this church. The eligibility and admission requirements are the same as those in Article VI Membership Sections I and II. In addition to those requirements, an Associate Member, in order to exercise his or her voting rights, must have attended at least 33% of the regularly scheduled Sunday morning worship services or Bible studies. Minutes from the regularly scheduled congregational business meetings will be sent by mail to the Associate Members on a regular basis. No Associate Member shall hold any office specified in this constitution and by-laws, but may sit on a committee if so designated by the Board of Elders and regularly support the church with time, talents and tithes.
If you have questions regarding membership at Morning Star Community Church, please call the church at 970-881-2640.



Marriage is an institution established by God the Father and honored by His Son, Jesus Christ. Christ's presence made a difference in a wedding at Cana, as He makes a difference in a wedding at Morning Star Community Church. To make a wedding Christian, Jesus Christ himself must attend and be in evidence. Whether your wedding is large or small, elegant or simple, public or private, it can only be Christian if the hearts and lives of the people involved have been transformed by the presence of Christ. You do not need flowers, music, or formal attire to make a wedding memorable; prayer and counseling with your pastor and a sweet and sacred ceremony are the essentials. Every effort will be made to preserve the sacred ceremony of marriage. We ask you to read the wedding policy carefully so that your wedding will be a happy and hallowed occasion. The pastor and the membership wish for you a very happy wedding day and glorious life together.